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Kevin Retouching
High end photography retouching

Kevin Retouching

High end photography retouching


About Me


My name is Kevin and I'm a Photoshop Wizard who seeks to improve the overall quality of photographs and as well maintaining the naturalness and highlighting the photograph's idea.I love airbrushing and I take my time with every little detail.

I can:
* Remove Blemishes and uneven skinn tone
* Remove Shine from Skin
* Sharpen Blurred Images
* Adjust Colour Balance to make more natural on un natural
* Manipulate and Change Colours of eyes, skin tone, clothes
* Enhance eyes
* Clean up background

Thank you for taking your time to view my profile and I'm looking forward to bring that spark into your photographs.


Simple Colour Correction and skin touch up starts from 1/$2

Photo Manipulations disscussed on an individual basis but starts from 4/$8

Prices are a guide only and discounts are given on bulk edits. Prices may also be cheaper depending on what you want.
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